RIHANNA, Beč - pojačane mjere osiguranja

datum i vrijeme događaja 08 kol

U nastavku prenosimo službenu obavijest organizatora o pojačanim mjerama osiguranja kjoje molimo da uzmete u obzir ukoliko ćete prisustvovati ovome koncertu


We would like to inform you about the enhanced security measures for the Rihanna concert on Tuesday, the 9th of August at Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna.

The following things will not be allowed:

  • No audio or video recording devices

  • No cameras

  • No fireworks

  • No weapons

  • No bottles/cans

  • No laserpointers

  • No food

  • No back- and waistpacks

  • No wallet chains

  • No large chains/ spiked bracelets


Because of the enhanced security measures the promoter would like to point out to just take the necessary things inside. 
No back- and waistpacks are allowed, only handbags that are smaller than a piece of paper can be brought inside.