Fresh Island Festival 2016 organizers statement

Please read a statement regarding Chris Brown concert at the Festival  

datum i vrijeme događaja 20 srp

Dear Fresh Island visitors,

We understand you were excited for the Chris Brown performance and we are sorry that you missed him. As you could see for yourself, the weather was very bad and it was dangerous for anyone to be close to the stage, for the audience and performers as well, so due to safety reasons and mandatory law requirements, we had to cancel the event at the big stage.

Since the weather conditions are beyond Fresh Island’s control and we did everything that the event can be held (brought the artist, made the stage,  and everything else) we will not be refunding money to ticket/wristband holders, as it is said in our disclaimer on official Fresh Island page:                                                          

“The cancellation, total or partial, of Event due to forces beyond the Company’s control (Force Majeure), governmental acts, riots, production delays, strikes, natural disasters or inclement weather, regardless of severity, will not lead to ticket refunds and will not give ticket/wristband holders any rights.”

We understand that some of you might feel cheated and angry because you didn't see Chris Brown perform, we share your feelings, but in the given situation due to safety reasons this was the only option available. If you wish to discuss this further, we are happy to answer all your questions at

One love,

Fresh Island family