Glen Hansard LIVE in ZAGREB

Glen Hansard is an Irish singer-songwriter who plays great, conciliatory, emotional and quality music. He's an actor who has been awarded with many prizes, among others with the Oscar. He is a man who was a guest on albums by the biggest musicians.

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Glen Hansard is the world's musical greatness and we are delighted to announce its premier concert in Croatia, 9 March in the Concert Hall Lisinski. This singer-songwriter became famous in the musical '' Once '' which was at Sundance Festival and won the Audience Award and immediately went to the cinema distribution earning 150 times more than what was invested. Glen Hansard acting Irish musician and his partner in the film, a Czech immigrant Marketa Irglova won hearts around the world.

With ridiculously low budget '' Once '' has gained cult status, and found his way to the theatre, won eight Tony Awards and one Grammy. In London's Theatre in Phoenix suburb of Soho this musical plays eight times a week, and one season the Czech immigrant was played by our ZrinkaCvitesic and for this role she won the prestigious Olivier Award. But Glen was not kept on acting career but went even deeply into the music from the band The Frames where he began to solo careers. With Irglovahe  released an excellent album 'The Swell Season' and 'Ukulele Songs'' and continued with a solo album '' Rhythm and Repose ''. His music is based on Irish folk and rock and mix all. This is particularly felt in the last album '' Did not He Ramble '' that was stripped down to the bone , edited,  repaired to perfection, just as all the musicians of this caliber do. The result is a mature, high quality and excellent album that proved to be on the right path of true musicians.

In addition to being highly respected in music circles, he was a guest on the album Eddie Weddera from Pearl Jam and with Bono Vox played on the streets of Dublin, his performances are even more respected  by the audience, and his concerts regularly sold out. In Zagreb he is coming in early March to hold a music lesson in a concert hall.

Welcome Mr. Hansard.