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  1. Katarina Novak

    by Katarina Novak at Beč on 23.04.2017

    Explosive show je fantastičan (dva puta sam prisustvovala Explosive showu u Beču), David Garrett je vrhunski umjetnik, njegov band i prateći ansambl su također sastavljeni od vrhunskih umjetnika. Garrett je sjajan violinist i sjajan showman! Nezaboravan događaj! Presretna sam što Garrett (ponovo!) dolazi u Hrvatsku, nakon što je davne 2001. sudjelovao na Dubrovačkim ljetnim igrama u sklopu koncerata komorne glazbe kao izvrstan dvadesetjednogodišnji violinist!

Artist description

David, the son of German lawyer Georg P. Bongartz and US-American prima ballerina Dove Garrett, got his first violin when he was four years old. With 13, he already had an exclusive contract with the German classical record label Deutsche Grammophon and adopted his mother's birth name as an artist name.

David Garrett received the first part of his musical education from his father, who was a passionate part-time violin teacher. However, in the meantime, he has become a well-known violin auctioneer.

Between 1990 and 1991, Garrett studied under Zakhar Bron, and in 1992, Ida Haendel became his teacher.

In 1999, he became one of the first German students at Itzhak Perlman's master class at the Juilliard School of Music.

Garrett took turns playing an Antonio Stradivari violin from 1718 and a Giovanni Battista Guadagnini violin from 1772.

In 2008, he entered the Guinness book of records as the world's fastest violinist. During an appearance on the British TV show "Blue Peter," he only took 66.56 seconds for an error-free performance of Rimski-Korsakow's "Flight of the Bumblebee" - that is 13 notes per second. He beat his own record by 1.3 seconds during the Guinness World Records show on December 20, 2008, taking no more than 65,26 seconds to play "Flight of the Bumblebee"