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Vatra (Live acoustic

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Entering the concert, it will be possible ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY with the presentation of COVID CONFIRMATION or with TESTING (which will be performed free of charge at the entrance).

IMAGINARIUM SUMMER ROCK NIGHTS hosting two greatest Croatian rock bands!

VATRA (Fire) is famous for a large number of live concerts played each year. This summer they will play flammable hits like “Tango”, “Tremolo”, “Sva naša ljeta”, and especially “Nama se nikud ne žuri” ft. Massimo, the most broadcasted song in 2018, “Mali krug velikih ljudi” latest hit originally written for Massimo was awarded as the song of the year 2020, and it’s lyrics are placed in a Croatian language school textbook for the 8th grade.

VATRA accomplished their success last couple of years with numerous awards.

Let’s have fun on the 7th August 2021 with VATRA in an acoustic concert on Fortress Gripe, Split.

Opening act for VATRA is LITTLE SISTER, an acoustic rock trio playing rock standards in their own original way.

Both concerts will be performed according to the COVID-19 measures and recommendations of

the Civil Protection Headquarters of Croatia.

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