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Story predstavlja: Sanja, Marinko i Zec

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Sanja, Marinko and Zec are preparing a big concert everybody is talking about! Join them on April 5th in Lisinski Concert Hall and sing along to unforgettable hits of the group Novi fosili!

Novi Fosili are one of the most successful pop bands in the region, and their popularity is unstoppable even after 50 long years! The band is recognized by their cheerful and catchy songs and everyone's favorite love ballads that are hard to forget.

Ja sam za ples, Košulja plava, Da te ne volim, Šuti moj dječače plavi, are just some of the eternal hits that Sanja, Marinko and Zec will preform on this evening to remember!

We invite you to this concert sensation in Lisinski Concert Hall on April 5th at 8 p.m.

Remember the good old days with lasting melodies that marked several generations!

According to the new decision of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, EU digital COVID certificates are no longer required fo events with seating that are indoors.