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Spancirfest 2012- Festival of good emotions

City Tourist Association Varaždin is Organizer of one of the most visited Open Air festivals in Croatia - Spancirfest.

During ten–day festival in Varazdin during the Spancirfest, visitors can enjoy in more than 250 hours of music program - rock, blues, ethno, electro, world music, fusion and other kind of music; programs and theater shows for children; theatre comedies for adults; street performances and street musicians. Also, the festival presents traditional as well as contemporary art craft with interactive workshops and provides many gastronomic pleasures. Tickets are only charged for the programs of the festival's main stage at the Old Town and for the performances in Croatian National Theatre. All other programs are free!

The number of visitors, about 250.000 of them in the last year, is attracted by high quality program as well as the exceptional festival scene and atmosphere (and that are the streets and squares of the baroque city core). For all that Spancirfest is ranked among the best urban festivals in the region.
In the thirteen years of its existence Špancirfest has welcomed over 12,100 performers from all over the world, and has attracted over 2, 2 mil visitors – which is by far the best testimony to the wealth of happenings and the unique atmosphere of the Varaždin festival of street strollers.
And it is not basking in its old glory. Every year the festival introduces new attractions and programs, the chief aim being that each visitor becomes its active participant and co-creator. And the only condition for that is a smile and good vibrations.


• 13 years
• 2, 2 mil visitors
• 12,100 performers
• 5 stages