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Where: Cave Romane quarry, Vinkuran, Municipality of Medulin
When: 12 July 2018 at 21:30


Filarmonici Friulani, Udine

Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Ljubljana
Consortium musicum, Ljubljana
Jeka Primorja, Rijeka 

Anna Viola: soprano
Silvia Regazzo: mezzosoprano
Alessandro Cortello: tenor
Abramo Rosalen: bass

 Conductor: Igor Vlajnić, Croatia 

B. Smetana    -    Vltava
F. Liszt   -   Hungarian Rhapsody
W. A. Mozart   -   Requiem (1st part, up to Lacrimosa)
A. Dvořák   -   New World Symphony (4th movement)
L. van Beethoven  -  9th symphony (4th movement)


Cave Romane is an old Roman quarry whose stone was used to build the Pula Arena and many other structures. In this quarry, stone blocks were cut vertically up to a height of 60 metres, which turned this site into a natural concert hall. The quarry is located near Pula and Medulin, only 2 kilometres from the end of a road that is connected to the highway. Guests who attended the CARMINA BURANA concert last year were thrilled with the perfect acoustics and the monumental quality of this unique venue.