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Millions of fans around the world have been waiting for this message: George Michael is about to return to the stage this summer! "Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour" is his first tour after the “25 Live” concert series that terminated in Kopenhagen in August 2008. “25 Live” received rave reviews and sent the audience in a frenzy.

With “Symphonica”, one of Britain’s greatest singers, songwriters and popular artists will break new ground. For the first time, George Michael will perform selected songs from his 30-year career as well as cover hits together with a symphonic orchestra. The music will be adapted for the orchestra that follows George Michael to all the cities on the tour schedule. The classical interpretation will enrich and make audible new sides of the songs. It will be indisputably George Michael – but from a side we haven’t heard before!
For George, “Symphonica” is both the realization of his wish to explore a new musical direction and the opportunity for a great cultural exchange: in many countries, he will be playing at unique locations. The countries on the tour schedule include Denmark, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Ireland and the U.K.

The tour will start in August at the opera house in Prague. Since its opening in 1888, this venue is said to be one of Europe’s most beautiful opera houses. Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, Nellie Melba and Enrico Caruso are only a few of the famous artists who performed in Prague. Later on in the tour, there will be exclusive concerts in London’s Royal Opera House and in Paris’ Palais Garnier (the location of the opera from 1875 to 1989). Many venues were selected because of their beautiful architecture, the good acoustics and their historical and cultural heritage.
The combination of Europe’s finest concert halls, one of the best pop music singers and songwriters and an orchestra is bound to add up to an unforgettable concert experience!

As Wham!‘s singer and songwriter, George Michael started off as an important and consistent pop musician. He continued with a solo career, writing his trademark beautiful lyrics and songs of authentic emotion and strong, positive melodies. With the goose bumps inducing intimacy of his music and his spectacular voice, George Michael still plays to capacity crowds in stadiums all around the world. This shows how special the “Symphonica” orchestra tour is going to be – a magical evening for both the singer and his audience ...

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