Fatboy Slim

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Project Vojarna & Future Scope continues series of excellent summer parties!


August, 17 th 2019

Saturday, from 21:00



Fatboy Slim, who helped popularize big beat and patented his own brand party acid house, will perform on August 17, starting from 20:00 CET, on well-known territory of Šibenik’s Barracks.

Born as Norman Cook, he is one of the most famous English and World’s DJ, musician and producer. “Q Magazine” listed him as one of the world’s best performer on “must see live act” list. He won a Grammy, three Brit Awards and ten MTV Awards. 

He published seven albums and in now days he spends most of his time on tours (DJing) rather than creating music. Only in last year, he did 70 shows from which the one at the Great Wall of China, Potonium club Vegas, Ibiza and the one on Falmer Stadium are especially distinguished. 

His gigs today do not only include playing of its own brand, but complex audio-visual production. He calls himself video jockey with no thoughts of stopping. “Oh no. I love it too much. I can still get away with it. It doesn’t matter that you’re old and bald and grey and fat, because you were never a sex symbol in the first place. We’re pushing new limits. No one knows what the cut-off age limit of a DJ is. And apparently, it’s not yet.”

Fatboy Slim’s appearance on this year’s Project Vojarna is the biggest event of this type in whole region and is not to be missed! Beside Slim show, there is a smoking good line up prepared for you, including names like : Peznt, DJ Jock b2b Shipe, Edyja C i E – Base.