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One of the biggest and most loved music divas from this area, Doris Dragović, will finally come out on the big stage of the best known Croatian event hall, Arena Zagreb. No doubt, this is the most important musical event of the year for so many generations living here since Doris became a household name more than 30 years ago. The long-awaited concert, which will take place on the 30th of November 2019, is organized by the most popular radio in the country – Narodni. 

One thing people always comment on is the atmosphere Doris manages to achieve during her concerts, which is exactly what makes her so unique along with the unforgettable music. Taking into account all of the emotions that arise when Doris hits the stage, it comes as no surprise that the audience always sings along, especially songs that so effortlessly acquired the status of evergreens, such as "Željo moja", "Baklje Ivanjske", "Malo mi za sriću triba"... There’s no denying that she brings an allure to every live performance that keeps us coming back for more. Therefore, the concert in Arena Zagreb will be a special musical treat that can only be performed by the greatest.

After 37 years of a rich career, Doris Dragović is certainly one of them.