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Chinese music sensation in Arena Pula


Silk Road Festival – the biggest spectacle of the prominent Chinese musicians will be held on August 11, 2017 at the Arena in Pula, Croatia. This musical event is just one in a series of events to celebrate 25 years of friendship between China and Croatia. Festival participants will experience a real spectacle and orgasmic fireworks of notes of the best Chinese musicians, Haya, a world known Mongolian band, Muye Wu, an impeccable pianist and Zhihui Li, the most famous Chinese New Age musician.



Chinese piano virtuoso “golden finger”

Thirty-one-year old pianist from China Muye Wu, once a child prodigy, will charm you with his virtuous dancing on the piano under the guise of interpretation of classical music. He was only five when he held his first public performance. His magnificent musical performances are imbued with discreteness, romantic expression filled with emotions and passion that will bring you from chaos to Heaven, said the French Le Monde. This musical genius studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris and at China Central Conservatory of Music. We're not surprised that this young pianist became the idol of the nation by combining classical and traditional Chinese culture in his own authentic way.




The most attractive ambassadors of Chinese and Mongolian culture

Tan Dun, Grammy award-winning composer and conductor said the following for Haya“Listening to their music, your body feels like the earth, your blood like the rivers, your eyes like the sky. What Haya expresses is…their passion for nature, and the voice of their hearts.” Haya is one of China’s most unique musical groups that combines traditional Mongolian culture with a crossover and world music. With the first sound of their notes, Haya will get you mesmerized with true beauty of their sound which lays in Mongolian tradition, and energetic sweetness and mystical sound of their traditional instruments.



The Kitarō of China

Zhihui Li and his team will bring you on unique cultural and spiritual journey inspired by Chinese landscapes. His work integrates spectacular combination of eastern temperament of traditional stringed and woodwind instruments into light and warm notes of electric elements of the West. His performance generates a perfect sense of harmony of modern and classical Chinese music imbued with ancient knowledge and wisdom of humanistic China. This unique new age musician is accompanied by his eight virtuous instrumentalists on drums, percussion, bass, guitar, main violin, wind instruments, Chinese zither and with a vocal.