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One of the most talented singers of today, Asaf Avidan, performs in Croatia for the first time! After international success, platinum and gold editions of his studio albums, performances at big festivals, and sold-out solo tours, Asaf Avidan returns to the spotlights this August in Šibenik!

The expressive and androgynous voice of Asaf Avidan that equally reminds of Jeff Buckley and Nina Simone was best described by Jon Pareles for the Times – he writes just like Leonard Cohen, sings like Robert Plant, and has the charisma of a cabaret performer. Asaf Avidan started his journey, a search for truth and sincerity, as he characterizes his art, rather late, as a 26-year-old, moved by a break-up of a years-long romantic relationship. That's when his mini-album Now That You're Leaving was recorded and instantly approved by both the audience and critics in his home country of Israel. Not long after, in 2006, Asaf gathered a band called Mojos, with whom he made several albums, Reckoning, Poor Boy – Lucky Man and Through the Gale. All those records gained considerable success and reached a wider audience. Global popularity came with a remix edition of the German DJ Wankelmut called Reckoning Song (One Day), that rose to the top of the charts and noted a huge commercial achievement.

A strong artistic vision lead him to perform solo. In 2012, the highly successful Different Pulses appeared, and Asaf Avidan discovered new ways of artistic expression which elude any genre classifications, probing the possibilities of modern pop. What followed was the two introspective pieces Gold Shadow and Study on Falling in which the elements of jazz, folk, soul, rock and blues were caught in the web of Asaf's strong lyrics and unique vocal interpretation, that penetrated deep into the truths of human emotion.



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