You have the possibility to choose from the following payment methods, dependent upon the event and the period of order, in the Eventim Webshop:

CREDIT CARD (at the moment VISA | Mastercard | Diners | Maestro | Discover card which needs to be used with verification via token)
Your credit card will be debited with the open amount.


All data required for payment will be sent in the confirming e-mail. You therefore do not have to wait for a payment slip, you can at any time pay or transfer earlier. Payment needs to be made within three working days otherwise the order will be cancelled. Paying for tickets on delivery is not possible.


Prepayment option is available only for customers inside Croatia.


Invoice which is obtained with a purchased ticket must be preserved until the day of the event.
If the event is postponed or canceled, you can not return the ticket and gain a refund without producing an invoice.