Temporary shotdown of points of sale and returns


on 19 Mar

Dear Customers,

Due to the current situation in the world and government measures regarding the suppression of coronavirus, further public events are banned, people are restricted in their movement and asked to adhere to self-isolation measures. In these circumstances, people are invited to stay at home and all our and many partner outlets are closed.

This means that many of you do not have the option to claim a refund for delayed events within the deadlines set by the organizers.

It is in the best interests of all to protect the health and well-being of citizens and to avoid dangerous situations. Therefore, it was decided to suspend all refunds for canceled and delayed events. The suspension will remain in force until the situation in the country is resolved and return to a stable public life. We'll keep you posted on new event dates and ticket refund deadlines after measures to curb public assembly and movement in the country.

You can always check all information about delayed and canceled events on our website at 'COVID-19 event information':…/coronavirus-information…/promo.html

We are constantly updating our content and trying to keep you informed of any changes. The organizers are working hard to provide alternative terms for all music, sports, cultural and other events.

We support the organizers' efforts in hosting various events in Croatia, and please be patient until we provide you with new information.

Please note that organizers need to coordinate alternative terms with contractors, venues and many other participants.

Many events that have already been postponed will also be rescheduled to a later date when re-attendance at mass events will be safe.

We believe that it is only by working together that we can survive this crisis more easily and return to a normal life.

Thanks for your understanding, take care of yourself and stay home! #stayathome