Master the law of attraction in practice!

BigU Wake Up3 event of the year with Lisa Nichols, Ana Bučević, Smiljan Mori and Aleš Lisac

on 19 Jan

2 April 2016, Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana

Is there a recipe for living happily and freely in abundance and good health? Learn to manifest your wishes and influence people so that you can finally begin to live the life that you deserve.


Lisa Nichols, one of the stars of "The Secret", is coming to Slovenia for the first time to share with you exclusively her proven techniques for manifesting one's wishes. Also appearing is one of the best interpreters of the law of attraction in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, Ana Bučević.

Smiljan Mori and Aleš Lisac will give you a motivational boost and the wisdom of persuasion and influencing people.

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Have you ever asked yourself  ...

Why certain wishes come true and others don't? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why some people seem to be "born lucky" and others seem to have all the bad luck in the world?


If you want to answer these questions once and for all, if you don't want to repeat the same mistakes that prevent you from happiness and success over and over again, if you have a dream but don't know how to make it true – all we have to say is: "This is the place for you!" However, if you already know how to make your dreams come true and would like to do it faster and better, then the BigU Wake Up3 event is your ticket to a winning year 2016.


Do I really have to accept that success is reserved for a select few only?

Experts have already proven that every individual can master the "inner game" of business growth and success regardless of the circumstances. You only need to master the appropriate techniques the most successful people are using to re-programme their brains. This means that every one of us can control their conscious and unconscious doubts, fears and self-limiting beliefs in order to succeed in any area of life.


When you learn the core principles of manifestation, realization of wishes and achievement of goals, you will:

  • Fill the void between your emotional and spiritual dimensions and possess a connecting link that will enable you to realize the undefined potential of your wishes.

  • You will notice the right people, relationships and circumstances miraculously appearing in your life effortlessly.

  • Find a way to lose weight, overcome procrastination and get rid of anxiety and addictions.

  • Find a way to resolve marital and relationship problems, and rise above all personal dilemmas.

  • Discover how the power and manifestation of the principles of the law of attraction can be used to treat or cure illnesses.

  • Learn how to influence people around you to feel relaxed, become more caring, calmer and participative just by being in your presence.

  • Find a way to establish a state of complete well-being for yourself.

  • Enter a world where miracles happen every day.


    Target audiences of the event


    It doesn't matter whether you are a manager, employer, employee, unemployed, retired, entrepreneur or just a regular human being with exceptional dreams and goals... All that matters is that you want to live your dream and realize your BIG future.

What you have always wanted and did not know how to get will now be served to you as unique explosion of positive attitude and motivation. You now have a unique opportunity to change your attitude towards life, love and money once and for all, and to achieve exactly what you want deep in your heart.

World-renowned speakers are going to share their proven techniques, priceless knowledge and experience with you.

Find out in person how Lisa Nichols went from a struggling single mother on welfare to the one of the most influential motivational speakers in the world. How did she manage to build a multi-billion dollar company? Why are world leaders and stars seeking her advice and inspiration? Why is she trusted by Oprah Winfrey? Let Lisa share with you the best kept secrets and techniques used by the most successful individuals for their business success and personal growth.

Lisa also has a lot in common with Ana Bučević who was also a struggling single mother several years ago and is now one of the most influential and popular motivational speakers in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia. Her interpretation of the law of attraction and her advice for making wishes come true are so accessible you will be implementing them the very next day.

Smiljan Mori grew up in poverty only to become a successful business man and a world-renowned motivational speaker. He will be happy to share his experiences and priceless knowledge gained from some of the most successful individuals in the world, including Sir Richard Branson, at the event.

Aleš Lisac, the acclaimed marketing guru started his career literally from nothing. However, with his determination and the knowledge gained abroad he has become one of the top marketing experts in Europe. He will share his techniques of persuading and influencing people.


When: Saturday, 2 April 2016, 9:00-17:00

Where: Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana

Event organizer: BIG U Akademija d.o.o., Partizanska cesta 6, 2000 Maribor,

BigU Academy wishes to offer access to the best kept secrets of success and "expensive" knowledge to as many people as possible. A similar seminar would otherwise cost you €4,000. This is a once-in-lifetime opportunity to obtain carefully guarded knowledge for everyone wanting to learn, even those who would otherwise not be able to afford it.