Archive 2008


Backyard Babies - FREE CONCERT!

Concert organizers and band management have come to an agreement that the concert will take place but it will not be charged for. Sorry for all the complications created and inconvenience but the information was changed from minute to minute. Entrance is free for all, and all who have already bought tickets can return them to retail outlets Integral (pothodnik), Boogaloo club, Heavy metal shop Runa, Metal bar Runa and Eventim.


Arrangement James Blunt ( ticket + transportation ) - CANCELLED

We are informing You that the arrangement ( ticket + transportation from Zagreb ) for the event James Blunt concert in Budapest has been cancelled.


Iggy Pop & The Stooges - CANCELLED

We are informing You that the concert of Iggy & the stooges, that was scheduled for 01 10th 2008. Hall Zetra, Sarajevo, was canceled because of technical reasons, and also apologize to all those who planned to visit this event for any inconvenience that this cancellation may have caused. All who purchased tickets through Eventim can return them up to December 1st 2008 and get a refund of money.



On 7th of November in Ljubljana starting at 20.00, there will be held fantastic electronic music spectacle. French composer and electronic music architect Jean Michel Jarre will in a small hall Tivoli in the framework of his tour Oxygen, 32 years after the album. Jarre, accompanied by three musicians, on almost mythical instruments, which counted more than 50 analog synthesizer, fully perform cult album Oxygen. Since this is normally performed in front of the numerous audience in most unusual environments, this tour represents something quite the opposite. Ljubljana small hall Tivoli is therefore an ideal choice for the realization of the idea of Jarre - the atmosphere will certainly be close because there is no place for the numerous audience. On the other hand, this is one of the evidence that 30 years after the legendary Oxygen, Jarre continues to experiment with the music, instruments, the surroundings ... "If you understand the electronic music, you probably already have this album, but if you are interested in this kind of music, and you're curious - this is the right time to start your research. "- Said Jean Michel Jarre before going on tour.


Primal Scream - CANCELLED

We have received a notice from the organizers that the concert of the group PRIMAL SCREAM who should have been held in the Tvornica 29.09.2008. unfortunately has been cancelled.


Conor Oberst moved in Pauk!


Judas Priest - CANCELLED

Judas Priest concert that should have took place on 2nd of July in Zagreb has been CANCELLED! Lupa promotions apologizes and gives thanks to all fans that bought tickets for JUDAS PRIEST concert and informs them that they will be able to get refund from 9th of July 2008 precisely in outlets that they have bought them. PUBLIC ANOUNCEMENT FROM JUDAS PRIEST MANAGEMENT Unfortunately Judas Priest had to cancel two concerts - yesterday in Belgrade and today in Zagreb because of the healt problems of Glenn Tipton. This is the first time in a lasting career that Judas Priest had to cancel a concert.So we deeply apologize to all disapointed fans i we thank You for understanding, because the health of Glenn Tipton comes first for us. In explanation, Glenn had complaints about pain for a few weeks now and yesterday requested medical attention. Glenn is now in Great Britain on medical observation and has been advised to rest for a next few days. Tickets you've bought over the web shop - please send it back to our address Eventim Ltd., Kupinečka 4, 10020 Zagreb, so that the same could be cancelled and that we can make refund to your account or credit card.



The concert is cancelled.