STEP 1 – CHOOSE YOUR TICKETS (best seat booking / seatmap booking)


When you have decided to order click at the event of your choice on „Tickets“ . You can now choose the date and/or time of the performance. Click on „Tickets“ again at the appropriate date and /or time.



In this step the different price categories including the description of the type of ticket/ standing room, seats etc. are shown. There are 2 possibilities of choosing your tickets that will be explained in detail in Step 2a and Step 2b:

ATTENTION: the chosen tickets will be reserved for 20 minutes in the shopping cart after which the reservation is expired. You can only choose a maximum of 8 tickets per category, if you wish to order more then click on „Choose further tickets for this event“ above the contents of the shopping cart.


During an order the best (adjoined) seats are automatically booked for the category chosen.


You can also choose your seats directly in the interactive seating plan. Click on the symbol to start the seating plan booking.

Use the navigator to select your preferred area of seatmap and use "+" and "-" buttons to change zoom level. You can now choose your seats by simply clicking on your desired seats or by drawing a rectangle over multiple seats while pressing the left mouse button. Choose your rebate and continue your order by clicking on the button "Add to cart". A detailed video tutorial is available here.



You will now be asked to register with your email address. In case you already have an account please switch to “returning customer” and enter your previously chosen password*. Click on “Sign in & continue” to proceed to next step.

* In case you forgot your password please click on “password forgotten” link. Enter the email address you registered with and you will receive an email with further instructions to change your password.

At the bottom of the order transaction you can see your "order summary". Via "Edit your shopping cart" you can delete tickets from your shopping cart and if you click on "Proceed to checkout" you will get back to the order transaction. With the link "Continue shopping" you can search for additional events and add them to the shopping cart.

To get to the shopping cart, please click on the shopping cart symbol on the top of the page.



Please choose your desired delivery type of your tickets.

In case there is more than one delivery / pickup method for your chosen delivery type, those will be shown in step in between. Please choose your desired method and click on the button below, eg for Print@Home “I will print my tickets”.

"Mail Delivery" shows all mail delivery types for Croatia. Please chose "Ship to different country" to change the selection to another country. Please enter your address and chose your delivery / pickup method and if desired a gift wrap.

"Pick Up" gives you the possibility to pick up your tickets. Please enter the necessary information and chose your pick up location.

"print@home" offers you to print your tickets at home. Please enter the required data.

If you already supplied an address, it will be shown. To provide a new address please fill out all with * labeled fields.

Confirm your selection with the closing button.



In the main window, you will now see possible payment methods. With "Use voucher" you can also encash Eventim-vouchers. Enter your voucher code in the correspondent field and click on the button "Apply".

Please click on the desired method to get more information. Enter required information for the payment method you have chosen.

You can also specify an invoice address (different from your delivery address – eg for company invoice) by clicking the checkmark, the invoice address can be specified in a next step. In order to confirm your choice click on the button at the bottom of the chosen payment method.

Below the payment information you find the order summary including delivery fees, your personal data and delivery address, method of delivery and method of payment. If you would like to change on of these options please follow the "Change" button.

At this point, you may add optional services such as “Eventim carefree” to your shopping cart (special withdrawal right; further information: see below). Check the box and click “refresh shopping cart” in order to save your changes. “Eventim carefree” appears as a new article in your shopping cart.


What is Eventim carefree / Bez brige kupnja ulaznica?

The advance sale for concerts and events frequently commences months before the event, and the tickets as a binding purchase tend to be anything but cheap – what if you fall ill or have an accident? Eventim carefree / Bez brige kupnja ulaznica allows for carefree anticipation of the event of your choice. Whatever happens, your trouble will not be complicated by financial losses!

Upon payment of the respective fee, Eventim d.o.o. grants all customers a special withdrawal right from the ticket purchase. Under the following conditions, the withdrawal right may be claimed from the time of purchase until the beginning of the event: general terms and conditions.

Especially when it comes to expensive tickets, the utilization of Eventim carefree / Bez brige kupnja ulaznica is worthwhile: comparatively little money grants you the option to refund your ticket, if push comes to shove.

How do I get Eventim’s carefree service / Bez brige kupnja ulaznica?

During the purchasing transaction, the optional service Eventim carefree / Bez brige kupnja ulaznica appears in your shopping process. You will activate Eventim carefree / Bez brige kupnja ulaznica and accept general terms and conditions by clicking on the button YES. Eventim carefree / Bez brige kupnja ulaznica appears as a new article on your shopping cart calculation (5,5% of ticket value in shopping cart). Please note that Eventim carefree / Bez brige kupnja ulaznica can only be selected for the entire shopping cart.
Eventim’s carefree / Bez brige kupnja ulaznica service may only be selected during the booking process; unfortunately, it cannot be purchased afterwards.

What to do in case of damage?

In case of damage according to the general terms and conditions immediately inform us (at the latest 2 hours prior to the event!) with e-mail to the address with your personal data, name of the event, number of the tickets for which you claim Eventim carefree and short description of the damage.

In case that the damage circumstances prevent you to inform Eventim d.o.o. at the latest 2 hours prior to the event, please inform us about the damage as soon as possible. Furthermore, latest by sending us the request for the withdrawal, please submit the evidence that the circumstances were such that you were not able to inform Eventim d.o.o. about damage two hours prior to the event.

Please note that in case of your e-mail announcement of Eventim carefree / Bez brige kupnja ulaznica activation and withdrawal, you must not and cannot use the respective tickets. In case that it is determined that the tickets were used, despite the announcement of the right to withdraw, it will be considered that you thereby committed the offense of fraud to the detriment of Eventim d.o.o..

You are required to submit a request to Eventim d.o.o. for withdrawal for the tickets that were bought and hadn’t been used within 30 days of the day when the event was or should have been held.
A request for withdrawal has to be submitted in written form via postal service together with the following documents:
• a short letter including your personal data and current bank details
• a copy of the invoice you received with your tickets
• the original undamaged tickets that are to be refunded
• medical report or other confirmation as specified in the general terms and conditions.

Please mail the documents named above to the following address:
Eventim d.o.o.
Ulica Vice Vukova 8
10000 Zagreb

For your own protection, we recommend mailing the documents by registered mail.

In case of necessity Eventim d.o.o. may ask you for certain explanations or update documentation.
Eventim d.o.o. is required to decide on your request within 30 days, provided that a complete and valid documentation has been submitted.
Note: incomplete or inaccurate documentation may affect the time of the proceedings!

In case that Eventim d.o.o. doubts the accuracy or truthfulness of the documents, Eventim d.o.o. may, at its own expense, hire experts who will investigate the circumstances on which the withdrawal was requested. In this case, the customer will allow and enable the experts to collect and validate the data on the circumstances.
After a positive decision of the request, Eventim d.o.o. will refund the money for the returned tickets to your bank account or credit card within 15 days of the decision.
In case of a negative decision of the request, the customer has the right to object within 8 days.



You now receive a message that your order was successfully completed. Within the next few minutes you will receive an e-mail a confirmation of your order with an order number. But you can print this immediately by clicking the printer symbol.

In case you chose print@home (print your tickets), an additional button is displayed on this page, click on it and follow the instructions to print your tickets.

For all other questions about your order please take a look at our FAQs.

If you need assistance, please contact us at