You can choose between different methods of delivery. Be aware that some options are available only till the foreseen time is still possible, after the foreseen delivery time expires, the option turns off.


International recommended mail (10-30 days, depending on the destination country) - 6,56 EUR

PICK UP AT THE EVENING BOX OFFICE ( not possible for all events )

Pick up at the Box office (on the day of event, one and half hour before the event starts and no later than half an hour after the event starts) PRICE: 1,33 EUR

Standard delivery

Standard delivery within 3 working days - 35,00 kn
Shipment status information is available on the e-mail address:

More info about your shipment at +38572303304 and e-mail:

DHL - express delivery

The maximum number of delivery attempts is 3 times. If the recipient is not found at the first attempt after delivery, the courier leaves a message to the recipient and he is expected to contact DHL and arrange for a new delivery dates. If the delivery fails to execute, the shipment will be returned to the sender.


DHL Croatia 99,00 HRK
DHL Zone 1 346,00 HRK
DHL Zone 2 348,00 HRK
DHL Zone 3 353,00 HRK
DHL Zone 4 357,00 HRK
DHL Zone 5 378,00 HRK
DHL Zone 6 392,00 HRK
DHL Zone 7 523,00 HRK

For all information about shipments, please contact us at e-mail address: