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Artist description

Andrija Vujević, known as Vojko V, Vojko Vrućina and Nebu (Knin, 19 January 1985), is a Croatian rapper and former member of the group „Dječaci“  and „Kiša metaka“.

Andrija Vujević was born on 19 January 1985 in Knin. He started his work with the music business in Split 1999. when he started making first demo songs. The first album with „Dječaci“ Vojko released in fall 2008 under the title Dop Records / Menart, which won the Golden Ball in 2009 for the album of the year. The following two albums – „Istina“ and „Firma“ - were released for Croatia records in 2011. and 2015.

His solo career began in 2018., with the release of the song "Zovi čovika" in January 2018. Two months later he released the „Pasta Italiana" - a song that is an unusual collaboration with Krešo Bengalka and Tonči Huljić. The song was originally recorded by Vojko and Krešo and they used a sample of Huljić's "Gamele" song, so Croatia records required them to obtain permission from Huljić to use the sample. Tonči approved, but he pointed out to Vojko that the song was too short for the standard radio format and agreed to be present on the recording to an extended version of the song.

The third single called "Ne može" was released in mid-April 2018, announcing the first solo album "Vojko", released on April 26th.