Vaicanto festival – Queenvention

Vaicanto festival – Queenvention

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  1. Queen Real Tribute

    by Branko at Zadar on 24.06.2022

    Bili smo posljednje 2 godine, jedan od najboljih koncerata u super ambijentu. Dolazimo opet, bend smo gledali i u Puli a prošle godine u Austriji i bili su odlični

Artist description

03.08. QUEEN REAL TRIBUTE, COSMIC(Uk),Elton show - C.J. MARVIN – (AUT)

Queen Real Tribute – the best European Queen tribute band.

Besides being big fans of the legendary Queen's musical expression, they are also top musicians with European and World Tours behind them and performance at the Forum in 2019. accompanied by the symphony orchestra and opera diva Nela Saric. They attracted many fans last year and brought magic of the 1980s by performing with Michelle Lupi, a current member of the great Whitesnake.

QUEEN REAL TRIBUTE will host C. J. Marvin, the explosive singer of the Elton John tribute band , for whom Elton himself said, "You are the best ME I ever heard.

Space travel is the hidden desire of many, and the first stop for rock space travel is the Forum! A unique, exclusive musical performance and its premiere will be held at the 3rd Edition of the Vaicanto Festival – Queenvention.

A fraction of the 1980s, a little bit of Freddie, a rock extravaganza and originality mixed with the audience and the ambience- we'll get a universal Cosmic concert.

This surprise bend will be hosted by Queen Real Tribute band in 3th editon of VAICANTO FESTIVAL.