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The Frajle - LJUBAV NA DAR

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Artist description

The Frajle is an all-female acoustic band


Apart from their exquisite interpretations, The Frajle are well known for their stage image, hairstyles, make-up and costumes that express their styles, personalities and individuality. Beside their own songs, the repertoire of the band is made of the worlds greatest pop, rock, jazz and R’n’B hits. Interpretations of The Frajle amaze audiences.

Active since: 2009
Place of origin: Novi Sad, Serbia
Band type: Acoustic
Band members: Marija Mirkovic, Natasa Mihajlovic, Nevena Buca and Jelena Buca
Genre: Pop, Balkan Swing
Labels: PGP RTS (Serbia), Aquarius Records (Croatia), Hayat Production (BIH)
Fan base: 100.000 +
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Interesting locations for concerts
Concert at 10.000 meters in the air, 2010

Concert at Powerstation in Uzice, 2010
Concert at European Parliament in Brussels , Belgium , 2011
Concert in Shopwindow, 2012