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Artist description

The Beat Fleet (TBF) is a hip-hop group from Split, founded in 1990. The members are Mladen Badovinac (vocals), Luka Barbić (vocals, electronics), Aleksandar Antić – Saša (lyrics, vocals), Ognjen Pavlović (bass), Nikša Mandalinić (electric guitar) and Janko Novoselić (drums). Their debut album “Ping-pong (umjetnost zdravog đira)” came out in 1997. The lyrics are mostly about the state of the society and capitalism.

They won the public with their energetic and original performances, combining rap with live intruments.

Their biggest success is the album “Maxon Universal”, with the hits Šareni artikal, Alles gut, UV zrake, Nostalgična, Tobogan, Papilova, Esej, which won multiple music awards.

In October 2007, their fourth album “Galerija Tutnplok” came out and got excellent reviews.

In February 2009, they held their biggest concert, over 8000 people in Dom sportova in Zagreb, so far since it was the band’s 25th anniversary.

TBF’s latest album came “Pistaccio Metallic” came out in 2011.