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Artist description

Tereza Kesovija is a Croatian singer that also achieved a successful career in France.

Tereza had her first performance in front of a bigger audience in 1961 in Zagreb’s Varijete, and her first performance abroad was on the Song for Europe festival in St. Vincent in Italy in 1962.

During her career which has lasted over 45 years, Tereza has performed on all Croatian festivals and has also been awarded.
Her international career is marked by performances on festivals in Bratislava, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico, Sopot and Antalia, as well as the European Cup in Bern. She has sung on the Eurovision contest two times.

In France, during the 60ies and 70ies, she also made a career. During her sojourn in France, Tereza collaborated with famous  stars like Serge Lama, Tino Rossi, Gilbert Becaud and Ritta Pavone. The culmination of her career was her solo concert in Paris’ Olympia held in 1988.

For her work, Tereza has been several times awarded prestigious awards.