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Artist description

Svadbas is a Croatian pop-rock band whose members are Pavle Miholjević (guitar, bass), Jura Ferina (keyboard), Ljubica Gurdulić (vocal), Bojan Gaćina (drums) and Ana-Maria Ocvirk (percussion and back vocal).

Svadbas have from the very beginning played both theatre and movie music except their primary pop music.

The first album “Svadbas” was announced by the single “Ne znam” which was listed in 1998 to the compilation “Freshmaker 3” by the American record label Zark records as the only song that wasn’t in English. Their second album “Jug” was greatly praised by critics and mentioned as one of the rare good Croatian pop music releases.

The song “Treblebass” from their third album “La La” became a great hit.

They are known and appreciated as outstanding musical producers.