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Sergej Ćetković - ODPOVEDANO!


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Sergej Ćetković was born in Titograd, Yugoslavia on 8 March 1976. He made his first contact with music when he was only seven years old. His first appearance was as a member of the youngest Montenegrin group at that time called Vatrena srca (Passionate hearts). He played piano and sang vocals. It was then when he felt the need to become a part of the professional musical life. He started his career as a singer in 1998 at the well known festival called Sunčane skale with the song Bila si ruža (You were a rose). Two years after his solo debut, he published his first CD called Kristina in December 2000. The CD was big success and young publishing company Goraton bought the copyrights from Pogorica's Hi-Fi centre and reprinted the CD with new label and started to sell it in all territories of former Yugoslavia…

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