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Group S.A.R.S. would in near future like to visit his fans in Serbia and will try to schedule a show in Serbia. If you are interested and want to be updated, register here.

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Artist description

The band was formed in March 2006 by Aleksandar Luković "Lukac" (guitar) and Dragan Kovačević "Žabac" (vocals) with musicians coming from different backgrounds and spheres of interest, Žarko Kovačević "Žare" (vocals), Vladimir Popović "Hobbo" (vocals), Miloš Kovačević "Kriva" (bass guitar), Branislav Lučić "Beban" (percussion), Goran Mladenović "Japanac" (drums) and Ivana Blažević "Violina" (violin), resulting in a fusion of different musical genres. The lineup recorded their first song "Buđav lebac" ("Molded Bread") at the Resnik RLZ studio and uploaded the recording on the Internet for free digital download. Without literally any media promotion, the single had become an instant hit in Serbia and other former Yugoslav republics…