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Artist description

Šank Rock or Shank Rock, was a five-piece Slovenian rock group from Velenje, formed in 1982. Their first album Pridite na žur was released in 1987. The band was on hiatus from 1999 to 2002. In 2006 the guitarist Bor Zuljan left the band. The replacement was Rok Petkovič, with whom they made their 14th album Senca sebe which received a lot of success. In January 2011, the bassist Cvetko Polak and the singer Matjaž Jelen left the group because of disagreements. The group disbanded after that.

Their greatest distinction is probably that their music remains the same as it was from the beginning. They have not succumbed to modern music influences and that is what makes them unique phenomena on Slovenian hard rock scene.