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Still On our minds wafts in like a beautiful breeze, a chilled out tumble of sadness and joy, melancholy and bliss. That familiar voice is fully present, soft, intimate and delightfully conversational, caressing melodies over a subtle flow of beats, with an aching catch that tugs at the heart strings.

DIDO's first concert ever in Croatia! Are we writing history here?

Anyhow, we are really excited to announce this first big name of Rovinj Summer music festival 2020, and so will be many of you!

We're again making an unforgettable summer together!
A man called the father of the Italian blues, Adelmo Fornaciari, known to everyone by the artistic name Zucchero, is coming to Istria again. 💗

Zucchero embarks on a major European tour on 06/06/2020! 
He will perform in Rovinj, the Istrian town by the sea in an intimate oasis what will be an incredible concert showcasing the songs from his new album ‘D.O.C’ as well as his worldwide hits. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this living legend play live!

So don't forget, that what Zucchero touches turns into gold!
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