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Artist description

Psihomodo Pop is a Croatian punk-rock band with a line-up consisting of: Davor Gobac (vocals, guitar), Tigran Kalebota (drums), Smiljan Paradiš (bass), Vlatko Čavar (guitar, harmonica, back vocal) and Jurij Novoselić (saxophone).

In 1988, after being a demo band for five years, they finally release their first album “Godina zmaja” which had great success, and they also achieved international fame thanks to the Netherlands festival “Grote prijs of Netherland” where they were chosen as one of six best bands amongst the competition numbering some 600. That success couldn’t be missed by the legendary music station MTV, where the English version of their biggest hit ever (“Ja volim samo sebe” sung over to “I’m In Love With Gobac”) was aired. It was also the first Yugoslavian music video to be aired on MTV.

After a successful tour in the Netherlands, they played as the opening act for their idols, the Ramones, on their concerts in Zagreb and Ljubljana.

A sort of art-album “Srebrne svinje” came out in 1993 and it was their most mature and best realization according to their critics and truest fans.

In 2003, the double CD compilation “Tekućih 20” came out, which was the band’s celebration of 20 years of their existence. On the first CD figures the “best of” compilation, while the other one has unpublished material from their earlier phase until 2003.

The band Psihomodo Pop left a significant trail on Yugoslavia’s and Croatia’s rock scene after them because of their music style. By leaning onto the musical expression of their idols (Rolling Stones, Iggy & The Stooges, Lou Reed, Velvet Underground, T. Rex, The Vibrators, Ramones…), they imposed themselves as one of the greatest rock bands in the region.