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Pips, Chips & Videoclips are a rock/pop band from Zagreb, with diverse style characteristics and provocative themes. They are most known for their song “Dinamo ja volim” which became the hymn of the Dinamo Zagreb football club.

The next year was marked with a strong theatre activity of the band; 1994, the Satirical theatre “Kerempuh” used a good portion of the material from their first album “Shimpoo Pimpoo” as the musical background for the play “Dobro došli u plavi pakao” (“Welcome to blue hell”) by Borivoj Radaković, while a year later, the Pips made a soundtrack for the rock-drama “Mafija” in Zagrebačko kazalište mladih.

In December 1995, Pips, Chips & Videoclips released their second album “Dernjavu”, a very mature and professional creation,  ????
“Fred Astaire” was seen in the Croatian public as the absolute creative triumph of the band, with the same amount of praise from both the audience and the critics. Their modern production, aggressive way of playing, street lingo and undoubtedly the biggest political engagement on the Croatian music scene were the reasons for their names in the media.

In November 1999, their fourth album “Bog” was released, the crown jewel of their work till then.

They continue the play to this day, and in 2012 they celebrated their 20 years.

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