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Artist description

Malehookers is a Zagreb-based rock’n’roll band founded in 1996. Its current line-up is: Jerry Alan Gabor (vocalist), Veky (guitar), Zvonimir Zvocks Lugarić (bass) and Damir (drums). The creative spirit of the band is from the very beginning under the strong influence of bands like AC/DC, Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones and Stooges.

After several performances on summer festivals in 1996, the band releases a studio record of their first album titled “Malehookers”. The same year, the band performed on the “Fiju Briju” festival and recorded the cover of the song “Čudna šuma”, more known as “Čuvajte nas, pazite nas”. The song became a hit and the official hymn of the “Crni mačak” rock music award.

In 1998, Malehookers released their second album “Ruke gore, ovo je pljačka”. In 1999, they stopped playing.

In the middle of 2008, the frontman and chief creator of the band, Jerry Alan Gabor, restarted the band but with a different line-up. The first single and music video for the song “Zagrebačko zlo” causes attention on the Croatian rock scene because of its hardcore production and explicitness.

The Malehookers also recorded music for a short film “Takav ti je život” by Saša Dodik in 2010. In September the same year, the band recorded and promoted material in English on Rhubarb radio in Birmingham, where it sparked interest with the listeners.

In 2010, the band did a promo tour in all bigger cities in Croatia.

Their most successful year might have been 2011 when they played as an opening act for world-famous bands like Slayer, Megadeth, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, The Godfathers and together with the drummer of Deep Purple, Ian Paice.

Maleehokers finished 2011 by entering the studio and finishing the English language recordings.

In the end of 2013, Malehookers give out a new album under the name “Mašina”. The album was listed amongst the top 15 albums of 2013. The first single “Romantika je kriva za sve” was accompanied by a music video criticising traditional relations between men and women.