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Croatian singer, songwriter and musical producer

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Artist description

Dragan Lukić Šegedin, more known under the name Luky, is a Croatian singer, songwriter and musical producer.
He was the member of the band Tužne uši until 1987, then in Đavoli until 1992, and then in The Beat Fleet from 1995.

As a musical producer, he worked and played on albums of Daleka obala, Dino Dvornik, Laufer, Urban, Oliver Dragojević and The Beat Fleet. As a songwriter he wrote songs: “Morski vuk”, by Oliver Dragojevi and Tony Cetinski, “Moja tajna ljubavi” by Oliver Dragojević and many others.

He collaborated with Gibonni on the music for the Croatian movie “Posljednja volja” from 2001.

He began a solo singing career by releasing his debutant album “Ararita” in 2003. The album won the Porin award for the best pop-rock and rock album of 2003 and another one for the best visual image in 2004. He also won the Porin award in 2005 for the production of the year for the album “Maxon Universal” by The Beat Fleet.

The second album “V.I.T.R.I.O.L.” was released in 2006. The first two albums are parts of a trilogy yet to be completed by an unreleased third album.

He founded the “Ararita” foundation to help orphans.