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Ljetna klasika

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ARENA PULA SUMMER CLASSICS 2021 www.summerclassics.live

Giacomo Puccini


Conductor: Philipp von Steinaecker

Staging: Marin Blažević

Main Cast: Maida Hundeling, Dimitris Paksoglou, Giorgio Surian

The Rijeka Symphony Orchestra and the Rijeka Opera Choir of the Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka

Puccini's masterful work of musical theatre is finally on the stage of the fascinating 2000-year-old Pula Arena! Experience the arias Recondita armonia, Vissi d'arte, E lucevan le stelle, Te Deum and Tosca and Cavadarossi's final duet in the setting of this Roman structure that was once a battlefield, a place where parades and gladatorial fights were held, where rebels were captured, tortured, and publicly condemed by cruel rulers. Is there a more appropriate place for this opera, a political thriller about love, lust, jealousy, torture, betrayal, intrigue and an incorruptible woman?

Puccini's Tosca i san opera in three acts, rich in music of passionate and dramatic accents that vividly illustrates every thought, feeling and mood. In a world of intolerance and the tyranny of the powerful, a woman who lives for love and art takes the initiative and decides on unconditional freedom, freedom that is both personal and artistic as well as political. The soloists are led by the sensational Maida Hundeling as Tosca, Dimitris Paksoglou full of Mediterranean passion as Cavadarossi and the devilish Giorgio Surian as Scarpia.

Classical Favorites 1

Rhapsody in Blue, From the New World, Bolero

Conductor: Valentin Egel

Pianist: Viktor Čižić

Program: George Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue, Antonín Dvořák: Ninth Symphony From the New World, Maurice Ravel: Bolero*

Rijeka Symphony Orchestra

* Performed with the Ballet of the Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka

Classical Favorites 2

Romeo and Juliet, Scheherazade, Bolero

Conductor: Valentin Egel

Program: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet - Overture, Nikolaj Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade, Maurice Ravel: Bolero*

Rijeka Symphony Orchestra

* Performed with the Ballet of the Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka

The summer night atmosphere in the impressive ambience of the Pula Arena will surpass any other experience of the new summer – don't miss out on experiencing these favorite, unforgettable compositions by Gershwin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Dvořák, Tchaikovsky and Ravel, led by the virtuosic and energetic maestro Valentin Egel with the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra and the famous Rijeka Ballet, whose dance to the music of Bolero pushes the boundaries of the imaginable and the possible!


The most beautiful arias and duets: Verdi, Puccini, Rossini, Bellini, Mascagni, Massenet…

Conductor: Valentin Egel

Soloists: Diana Haller, mezzo-soprano, Kristina Kolar, soprano, Michaela Selinger, mezzo-soprano, Anamarija Knego, soprano, Ivana Srbljan, mezzo-soprano, Aljaž Farasin, tenor, Domagoj Dorotić, tenor, Robert Kolar, baritone, Luka Ortar, bass and others

Rijeka Symphony Orchestra

The gala concert will be conducted by the energetic, charming maestro Valentin Egel, in the fascinating ambience of the spectacular Pula Arena, one of the most beautiful opera and concert stages. Under the starry night sky, enjoy the arias and duets performed by these opera stars!


The Summer Classics Festival of the Rijeka Ivan pl. Zajc CNT is back to the Pula Amphitheatre, the most beautiful of open-air stages, following the last summer’s triumphal success when it was in a grand style that it brought the opera back into the Arena in Pula. This summer it is in Pula again with no less than three programmes, three musical and music-and-stage jewels. Excellent soloists and the starry night in the antique Roman Arena will again become the setting to musical spectacles.

Don’t miss superb musical classics in the magical ambience of the Pula Arena!