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Artist description

The band was founded in Osijek in 1991 by the singer Denis Dumančić, also the main composer and songwriter of the band.

From 1992 to 2012, Leteći Odred released eleven albums. Great success was achieved with Dumančić’s songs like “Sanjao sam moju Ružicu”, “Večeras je dušo rođendan tvoj”, “Od Prevlake do Dunava”, “Hej lutkice”, “Daj mi sebe”, “Žao mi je”, “Ja sam mali Mate”, “Kažu”, “Jednu mladost imam”, “Ljubav nije matematika”, “Bez obaveza”, “Studeni” and many others. During its long career, Leteći Odred sold dozens of thousands of albums and gained several gold and silver album sales, and they sold out three times the Dom Sportova venue in Zagreb.

Their adulthood on the scene of Croatia they marked with the release of their eleventh album “Best of Odreda”.