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The eccentrics from Rijeka

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Artist description

Let 3 is a rock band from Rijeka, founded in 1987. The members are Damir Martinović – Mrle (bass guitar), Zoran Prodanović – Prlja (vocals), Ivan Šarar (electronics), Dražen Baljak – Baljak (guitar), Matej Zec – Knki (guitar) and Branko Kovačić – Husta (drums).

The band was from the very beginning quite noted. They exhibited great qualities: outstanding lyrics, their level of performance always perfect, their public appearances never average and their music accompanied with their specific type of humor and their inclination towards the bizarre.

The second album “El Despeerado” was released in December 1991. On the record was the cover of “Vjeran pas”, “Fuck Famiglia”, “Ha Ha Ha”, “Pokvarena Žena” and “Mona”. On the following tours in Zagreb, Rijeka and Ljubljana, material is recorded for their concert recording named “Živi kurac” that was released in the summer of 1996. This double album is one of the best live recordings of Croatian popular music.

In September 1997, their, up to then, most drastic piece of work was released – the album “Nečuveno”. It is probably the only musical album that features absolutely nothing (not even recorded silence), and it was bought by some 350 followers. The project was accompanied with a music video “Neviđeno” (a blue empty screen) and a promotion on the central square in Rijeka.

The album “Bombardiranje Srbije i Čačka” came out in 2005 but it was recorded almost full three years. It’s a unique compound made of seemingly unconnectable: rock, ethno, modern commercial folk music, trash, ex-Yu sweet pop of the 80ies, electronics, drum’n’bass and nu metal. The album offers a schizophrenic vision of New Yugoslavia and all its republics and provinces in all their aspects.