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Idem tamo gdje je sve po mom!

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Artist description

Jinx is a Croatian pop band from Zagreb, founded in 1993.

The first album “Sextasy” was released in English. In 1997, Jinx released their second album titled “Second Hand” (with their first success “Smijem se”).

The third album “Pompei – Ljetna ploča katastrofe”, relased in 1999, brought many hits like “Bye Bye Baby Bye” and “Koliko suza za malo sna”.

In 2001 they released a very successful album named “Avantura počinje” with their most popular hit “Tamo gdje je sve po mom”. The same year, the band broke up.

In 2007, Jinx released their comeback album “Na zapadu”. The album was a success and three more singles ensued: “Na čemu si ti?”, “Na zapadu” and “Pored mene”.