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Guys from Gajnice

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  1. svakojako

    by Krešo at on 08.11.2017

    1.Skoro emigrirao u Irsku zbog koncerta. 2. U Malinskoj umjesto koncerta gledam supermarket. 3. Šokre košulja i šnajderica Željkica još uvijek čeka da ju isprobaš (košulju naravno). 4. Dajte više taj koncert. 5.Živili😎❤

Artist description

Hladno Pivo is a Croatian rock band from Zagreb. They came together in the end of the eighties in Zagreb’s suburbs Gajnice, and already in the nineties they became the most popular Croatian punk rock band.

Because of their critical attitude towards the government, they often mock local social mores and norms of human behaviour. Musically, they are marked with a simple punk rock style later to be softened by a more rock sound.

The band sold more than 60 000 audio records, held many concerts in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Germany, won eight Porin awards, eight Zlatna Koogla awards, two Crni Mačak awards, one Davorin award and many others.

After three albums which concluded the unofficial trilogy Džinovski, G.A.D. and Desetka, where they joined together street and club traits of pop punk, punk rock and hardcore punk, the band recorded the album “Pobjeda” in 1999. Then, the band was joined by Stipe Mađor-Božinović as a trumpet player. As they began to use other instruments like keyboards, acoustic and slide guitar, their basic rock musical expression became richer, but the album also became more popular.

The album “Šamar” came up in the beginning of June 2003, followed by the hit “Zimmer Frei”. Soon followed a big tour “Dođite po šamar” and its second part “Okrenite drugi obraz” in autumn.
In 2003, the album won the band the “Joško Kulušić” award by the Croatian Helsinki board for protection and promotion of human rights in the media.

In spring 2005, Hladno Pivo went on their biggest tour to date. Their biggest concert was held in front of 10 000 fans in Zagreb’s Dom sportova’s great hall.

In spring 2007, they released the album “Knjiga žalbe” and did a follow-up tour “Uz žuju nije sve tako sivo” and visited all the biggest cities in Croatia.

After a longer break, they released a new album titled “Svijet glamura” on the 16th of April 2011.