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Artist description

Hard Time is a Croatian rock band started in 1991, but its beginnings reach out to 1984 when the band Teško vrijeme was founded. Its current members are Gordan Penava Pišta (vocals, guitar), Ivan Mihaljević Miha, Majkl Jagunić and Davor Keranović.
Hard Time performs even today.

In their career they released four albums and several singles, and they are currently preparing for a new studio release.

Hard Time succeeded to impose itself as the Croatian version of American hard rock or soft metal bands of the eighties like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Mr. Big and many others.

Their music video, something quite unusual for 90ies’ rock bands, was often aired on Croatian and Slovenian television, while in February 1992, it was also successfully aired on the renowned MTV’s show “Headbanger’s ball” and thus became the first Croatian band to ever appear on this most popular hard&heavy show in Europe.

Hard Time was at that time the first band with a hit in English language.

The album “Kiss my ass and go to hell” came out as an LP and it was one of the last in Croatia to be released in that format. The readers of the magazine “Metal World” pronounced Hard Time to be the band of the year.

They went to France where they held seven concerts in ten days and achieved a notable success..

Afterwards, they began to work on the material for their new album “Kad poludim”. A big number of musicians participated in the recording sessions. A series of Croatian and international concerts ensued, amongst them the performance on the Metal mania 95 festival and guest session on “Đoser’s memorial”. They were the supporting act for Motorhead.

Hard Time is the only Croatian band to play at the hard & heavy festival “Wacken Open Air”. On 11th of September 2006, Hard Time received the “Fender-Mega” musical award for the best hard rock album.