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The King of Pan flute

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Artist description

Gheorge Zamfir - Pan flute

Cezar Cazanoi - Flute

Anatol Cazanoi - Cimbalom

Iulian Cazanoi - Violin

Adrian Sîrbu - Violin

Oleg Lașcu - Double Bass


Gheorghe Zamfir is a Romanian artist, musician and virtuoso of the pan flute, nicknamed the King of Pan flute. Finding his way of expression through a millennial tool, he succeeds to conquer the applauses of the entire Planet. He sold over hundreds of million of records, all over the world, and he has over 185 recorded albums, a record that has not been touched by any Romanian artist so far. It is the only European Artist who won two gold discs in the USA.


Throughout his career, he collaborated with top musicians from Romania and abroad such as Nicholas Licare, James Last, Lawrence Foster, the British Chamber Orchestra Quartet Oxford, Marcel Cellier, organist Diane Bish, conductor Seiji Ozawa, and so on.


In 2015 he performed seven times, with André Rieu on stage in Bucharest's Constitution Square, in front of 84,000 spectators.


In 2016 he continued with a series of concerts in Romania with the famous pianist Richard Clayderman. He won more than 120 gold and platinum discs, only from Philips House, among within four gold discs in South Africa, four platinum discs in New Zeeland, four gold discs in Australia, 15 platinum discs in Canada, breaking all records with millions of sold records.