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With their debut album "Lungs", the British indie band Florence and The Machine succeeded an impressive debut.

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Artist description

Lead singer of the band is Florence Welch. Born and raised in Camberwell, south London, Welch attended the workshop for Camberwell College of Arts, where their training in Art Foundation broke off to devote her music career. In the category "Top 20 young music millionaires under 30" in 2011 Florence Welch took 14th place with £ 5 million in the UK.

The addition of "The Machine" refers to the backing by Florence Welch. This may consist of only piano and drums, but mostly more players are involved, including those with which Welch has been working together for a long time. At the moment the band of six other members: Isabella Summers (keyboards and backing vocals), Rob Ackroyd (guitar), Chris Hayden (drums and backing vocals), Mark Saunders (bass guitar and backing vocals), Rusty Bradshaw (keyboards) and Tom Monger (harp ).