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Hip-hop group from Zagreb

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Artist description

Elemental is a Croatian hip hop group founded in Zagreb. Its current members are Mirela Priselac  Remi (MC, vocals), Davor Zanoški (keyboard), Ivan Vodopijec (drums), Nataša Tonković (back vocal), Erol Zejnilović (guitar), Konrad Lovrenčić – Koni (bass) and MC Shot.

They began in 1998. Their music brought a different approach to this kind of music to Croatia, in the hip-hop world more known as “organic”.

Their first demo album “Moj, njegov I njen svijet” came out in 2000 and soon after its release they put together a band and they mostly perform without pre-recorded music.

In March 2000 they gave out another album titled “Tempo velegrada”.

In October 2004 they gave out the album “Male stvari” – the first Croatian hip-hop album whose instrumentals were all played instead of the usual sampling.

In 2009, Elemental won the Croatian music award “Porin” for their album “Pod pritiskom” in the best urban and club music album category.

The fifth studio album “Vertigo” surprised the fans and music critics for the amount of experimenting in it.

Elemental mostly tries to keep their core within hip-hop, but influences of jazz, soul, funk, rock and reggae are also present.