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The Oscar Wilde of comedy

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Artist description

How to become a comedy superstar? Leaving school at 16, with no qualifications at all and spend the next four years drinking and writing bad poetry.

That's the way to do it - at least if your name is Dylan Moran. The French newspaper Le Monde once hailed The Irish stand-up genius as "the greatest comedian, living or dead". He has attracted success from the very beginning almost magically. Moran in 1992 witnessing a show of an Irish comedian in a small basement theater in Dublin, decided to try it himself. A year later, 21-year-old Dylan Moran won his first prize at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival.

Dylan Moran, star of ‘Black Books’, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Run Fat Boy Run’ is loves to spread a little happiness. Ageing, religion, kids and relationships intertwine with the general absurdities of life. Searing observations and sumptuous imagery, painted across a large fraying canvas with cruel, curmudgeonly 'Moranesque' brush strokes and all delivered with Dylan's renowned, shambolic charm are typcial of his comedy.