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Darko Rundek

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Artist description

Darko Rundek is a Croatian musician who started his career in 1970ies as a singer and a guitarist, and later as an author and composer in the rock band Haustor from Zagreb. At that time he finished with his studies for a theatre director at the Academy of dramatic art in Zagreb and did several theatre and radio plays.

In 1991 he went to live in Paris where he mostly produced music for theatre dramas.

In 1997 he gave out his first solo album “Apokalipso” that included the work of some thirty musicians.

After the other album (“U Širokom Svijetu”), he starts to record “Ruke” in France with several other musicians which later resulted with the project Rundek Cargo Orchestra where he is the vocalist and guitarist.
Their first album came out in 2010 under the name “Plavi avion”.

Both as a band member and as a solo performer, Rundek always received praise by music and arts critics.