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Artist description

Daleka obala is a Croatian bad from the city of Split.

The band was started by Marijan Ban (lead vocals), Jadran Vušković (vocals, guitar), Boris Hrepić (bass, harmonica, vocals) and Zoran Ukić (drums). They were later joined by Bogo Šoić Mirilović (harmonica, guitar, vocals).

They held their first official concert in Split in 1988. Their specific style of music gained them great popularity and sparked interest.

In 1990, they recorded their first album called “Daleka Obala”. Their last album came out in 1999 under the name “1990 – 2000”. On that album, Marijan Ban, who was the main vocalist sang but a few songs.

After that, in 2000, the group broke up. Marijan Ban continued to perform solo while Zoran Ukić and Boris Hrepić started the band “The Obala”.