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Crvena Jabuka is a pop-rock group from Sarajevo, founded in 1985. The first members were Dražen Ričl – Zijo (solo guitar, vocals), Zlatko Arslanagić – Zlaja (rhythm guitar), Dražen Žerić – Žera (keyboards), Aljoša Buha (bass) and Darko Jelčić – Cunja (drums). Unfortunately, Aljoša Buha and Dražen Rinčl lost their lives in a car accident.
They made their comeback in 1995. Their new album „U tvojim očima“ came out in 1996. After it, the group went on tour across Croatia, BiH, Germany and Denmark.
Today, the members are Darko Jelčić - Cunja (drums), Dražen Žerić – Žera (vocals, keyboards), Krešimir Kaštelan Krešo (bass, vocals), Damir Gonz (guitar) and Marko Belošević (keyboards).
Their last album „Nek bude ljubav“ came out in 2013.

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