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Boris Leiner

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Artist description

Boris Leiner is a Croatian drummer and sculpture that has played and still plays in many Croatian and ex-Yugoslavian bands (Haustor, Azra, Vještice and so on).

Leiner joined Azra in 1979. At that time he played in Haustor. In 1983 he started the reggae band Naturalna mistika.
After the concert in Zagreb’s Dom Sportova in 1987, Boris Leiner left Azra. From 1987, he, Maks Juričić and Srđan Saher play in the Croatian band Vještice.

In 1990 he left to Prague with a drum set, and after that, to Copenhagen and Berlin. He played in several Belgian and Danish bands. In Europe, he recorded two albums with “Freedom Lovers” and “Love Sister Hope”. In 1992, Leiner organized the event “Rock

Against The War” in Berlin, with the subtitle “Tko to tamo peva?” where the best rock bands from all Yugoslavia’s republics were invited to play. Two concerts were held in Prague and one in Berlin.
From the middle of the nineties, he has been active in many Croatian bands. He recorded two albums with Darko Rundek. In 2000, he released his album “Bioritam” and became the member of the “Diva-Dodola Folk Orkestar”.

In 2001, he performed in KST in Belgrade on a concert under the name “Pozdrav Azri”.

He is famous for his sculptures of Johnny Štulić, John Lennon and others.