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Artist description

Vatra is a Croatian rock group which members are Mario Robert Kasunović (drums), Robert Kelemen (solo guitar), Irena Celio – Cega (keyboards, back vocals), Tomislav Šušak (bass) and Ivan Dečak (Vocalist, rhythm guitar).

Their debut album “Između nas” came out in 1999. At the end of 2000, they recorded their second album “Anđeo s greškom”.

They gained numerous fans, had big tour and performed as a supporting act for Simple Minds in Zagreb.

In 2004, their album “Prekid programa” came out. The video for “Prekid programa” was shown on British MTV.

Album “Aritmija” came out in 2006.

Album “Sputnik”, with a different genre, came out in 2008.

Vatra was pronounced the Rock band of the year by the Fender Corporation.

Their sixth album “Ima li budnih” came out in 2011. They won Porin for “Tremolo”, which they recorded with Davor Urban.

In 2013, they released very successful EP "Bilo je dobro dok je trajalo", which contained remakes of their older songs.

In 2014, they recorded their newest singl "Tango".