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  1. Lijepo što postojiš Andre' Rieu

    by Carmen at on 15.06.2017

    Oduševljena sam izvedbama slavnog umjetnika, virtuoza Andre' Rieu, orkestrom, vrhunskim solistima, prekrasnim izvedbama Straussa, romantičnim melodijama i posebnim obradama te duhovitim iznenađenjima. Teško je nešto izdvojit jer je svaka izvedba posebna, prepuna emocija, raj za dušu, bajka... Lijepo što postojiš Andre' Rieu!

Artist description

André Rieu, the Dutch violinist and orchestra conductor has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. Together with his 50-member Johann Strauss Orchestra, he performs on his tours on all five continents.
André Rieu: "Even as a child I was enormously fascinated by the world of music. My father was a conductor and I still remember the bombastic sound of the orchestra, the many bows that faced in the same direction at the same time always. I thought it was gorgeous! However, I was surprised at the somber atmosphere during the concerts. Everyone made such a serious face, no one was allowed to clear his throat, let alone laugh, even though so much joy emanated from this music! The waltz enchanted me so much, that it became in a sense my life rhythm several years later: a musician's life in three-quarter time. Today I play with my own orchestra so much more than just waltz. My dream is to take all sorts of classical music to a wider audience. "

Official website: www.andrerieu.com

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